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APFA Prevails In Challenge To Flight Attendants’ Seniority Integration Following Merger of American Airlines and US Airways

February 20, 2015

On February 20, 2015, the Association of Professional Flight Attendants won dismissal of a lawsuit challenging the seniority integration of American Airlines and US Airways flight attendants as part of the 2013 merger of the two airlines.

The suit sought to use the American-US Airways seniority integration to revisit the integration of Trans World Airlines flight attendants into the American Airlines workforce a dozen years earlier when American acquired TWA. But the federal district court in Brooklyn, New York agreed with APFA that it was under no duty to adjust the existing seniority list of American Airlines flight attendants in negotiating its integration with the US Airways seniority list. The court also agreed that neither APFA nor the airline had violated federal laws governing seniority integration procedures. Bredhoff & Kaiser represented the APFA throughout the lawsuit, and has represented APFA on a wide variety of advisory, governance, and litigation matters for decades.