Advocates for Labor and Progressive Institutions

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Helping Organizations that Help Others

Bredhoff & Kaiser has a thriving counseling practice that assists a wide range of organizations across the nation, from benefit funds to nonprofits to unions, in carrying out their missions of making peoples’ lives better and creating a more just society.

Much of our counseling is in the field of employee benefits. The experienced and talented attorneys forming our employee benefits practice group provide a broad range of services to large and mid-sized pension, health, training, and other benefit funds so that those entities can deliver on their mission of ensuring that employee benefits are secure and that the moneys employers contribute to benefit plans are not misused. Among the services we provide are advising plans on the myriad regulatory, tax, and fiduciary responsibility issues that they face, drafting plan documents, and assisting plans in implementing and administering their benefit programs.

We also provide counsel to many progressive nonprofit organizations. We assist in the formation and development of governance structures for nonprofits, advise them on the legal issues with which they are regularly confronted, and assist them with transactional work such as negotiating contracts with their major vendors or funding sources.

A third major component of our counseling practice involves advising labor organizations on union governance and administration. Unions are subject to regulations governing the conduct of their elections, the reporting of their finances, and their relationships with affiliated entities, with members, and with nonmember employees whom they represent. Bredhoff attorneys have expertise in all these areas. Many unions are also large employers in their own right, and Bredhoff attorneys regularly counsel unions on matters involving their responsibilities as employers to their staff employees.

Bredhoff & Kaiser litigates in all areas where we provide counseling services.

Detailed information on each of the three components of our counseling practice can be found under Employee Benefit Plans, Nonprofits, and Union Governance and Administration.