Bredhoff in Brief

Bredhoff & Kaiser PLLC is one of the nation’s preeminent law firms devoted to empowering workers and the institutions that advocate for them. Founded seven decades ago by a trio of renowned labor lawyers, we are now thirty lawyers representing a group of clients that extends beyond unions to include pension and health funds as well as progressive non-profit organizations.

Although small enough to work together on a single floor in our building, we handle big cases, including complex trial and appellate litigation throughout the country. With a history of being asked to take on the toughest challenges facing unions, we have been characterized as “the voice of labor.” But we also frequently litigate in areas outside of labor law, including federal and state constitutional law, antitrust, defamation, RICO, and more.

In addition to our national litigation practice, we have a thriving employee-benefits practice, which is part of our broader counseling practice.