Fiduciary Counseling

Bredhoff & Kaiser, PLLC has vast experience counseling fiduciaries, which is a major focus of the firm’s employee benefits practice.

The firm represents a number of funds that are highly sophisticated investors, holding investments in state-of-the-art financial instruments created on Wall Street, in addition to direct investments in various types of real estate, venture capital funds, and special nature funds. The firm’s attorneys attend investment committee meetings and provide legal advice with respect to all investment decisions, including all manner of corporate governance issues, such as proxy voting policies and procedures, and securities and state corporate law issues.

In addition, the firm advises fiduciaries with respect to the evaluation of benefit claims by helping them establish prudent procedures and assisting in investigations. The firm also advises fiduciaries with respect to the delegation of discretionary authority and the allocation of responsibilities among fiduciaries, investment managers, administrators, insurers and service providers.

The firm’s fiduciary expertise was displayed in two recent arbitrations to resolve a deadlock between employer-appointed and union-appointed trustees. On behalf of the union-appointed trustees of the American Federation of Musicians and Employers Plan and the Steelworkers Pension Trust, the firm crafted positions that resulted in the preservation of benefits for the employees and retirees participating in those plans and the working relationship of both sets of trustees.