In connection with the 2005 merger of US Airways and America West Airlines, an arbitrator established a seniority list that integrated the pilots of the two airlines. Since 2007, however, the pilots of America West have been fighting to have the list implemented over the opposition of a union, called USAPA, that was created by the former US Airways pilots to replace the Air Line Pilots Association for the express purpose of preventing implementation of that seniority list. Most recently, in January 2015, again over USAPA’s objection, a panel of arbitrators established in connection with the 2013 merger of US Airways and American Airlines ruled that the former America West pilots are entitled to participate as a party in the seniority integration process occasioned by the American-US Airways merger, and can, during that process, continue to advocate for application of the unimplemented 2007 seniority list. Bredhoff & Kaiser represented the former America West pilots in connection with the US Airways-America West merger as well as in connection with the American-US Airways merger, including in the proceedings culminating in the arbitration panel’s January 2015 decision. Bredhoff will continue to represent the pilots at the upcoming pilot seniority integration hearings scheduled to commence in June 2015.