Richard F. Griffin, Jr.

Bredhoff & Kaiser is delighted to announce that Richard F. Griffin, Jr., who served the National Labor Relations Board first as a Member and then as General Counsel, will be joining the firm on January 1, 2018.

Before his service with the NLRB, Dick was General Counsel of the International Union of Operating Engineers for 18 years. We first got to know Dick in that capacity. During his time with the IUOE, Dick advised that organization and its related pension funds on the gamut of labor relations and employee benefit matters.

In every position Dick has held throughout his distinguished career, he has been admired for his judgment, his deep knowledge of the law, his affinity for working people, and his great spirit.

We look forward to bringing Dick on board, as he will add depth to all areas of the firm’s practice, including litigation and counseling on behalf of our union and benefit fund clients.

Dick will be reachable at and (202) 842-2600.